Drunk cowboy cited while out for a ‘joyride’

Drunk driving is never pretty but what about drunk riding?
A drunk cowboy out for a “joyride” has been cited with riding his horse while under the influence in a Denver suburb.
The man wearing a cowboy hat was charged with riding an animal under the influence. The ticket will cost the man $25.

The police had to do some fast thinking on the spot when they cited Brian Drone for riding his horse Cricket. They had been called to the scene after receiving calls that a man on a horse was too drunk to stay on his saddle. Towing a horse isn’t something that crops up everyday for Sgt. Jeff Monzingo. It was the first time in his 15-year career that he’s had to figure out how to get a horse home.

In the end a stable owner offered a ride for both Drone and Cricket.


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