Kidnappers Torture Toronto Man For Five Hours

A Toronto man was tortured for five hours after talking to the police. Two of the man’s former associates beat and burnt the man for telling the police that the three had been involved in a robbery three years ago.
The man was kidnapped on Friday evening and taken to an apartment at Queen St. E. and Greenwood Avenue. For five hours the pair beat the 21-year-old man. At one point they almost cut off two of his toes.

After five hours the pair took the man in another cab to Dundas St. E and Coxwell Avenue to get drugs. When the kidnappers left the cab the man ran for his life.

The man went to the hospital and was treated.

Police are now seeking the kidnappers that are both considered to be dangerous. The men are Anheim (African) Bol, described as a 19-year-old man, black, 6-foot-6, 181 pounds with a thin build, and Luis (Sluggs) Sampedro, also 19, described as 5-foot-7, dark-skinned, 149 pounds with a medium build.

If you have any information on the pair please call Toronto police at 416-808-5504.


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