The World’s Changing Into A Twitter Globe

Do you know who and Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams are? In the future school children may know them as well as they do Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs . They invented Twitter.

The trio formed the program that has turned masses into 140 character world chatters. Instant messages and social networking has been combined in a new arena allowing for people to communicate quickly at every level.

The media global world is able to know what is the hot minute to minute trends and issues in seconds. People are able to get their causes out throughout the global with a few quick strokes on the keyboard.

If you’re not sure that Twitter is really the wave of the future check out the major media news peddlers. Digital Journal, CNN, BBC, CBC and the like are all twittering. WHO and the CDC use twitter to inform the public about swine flu.

Twitter is also a marketer’s dream. Geelong Advertiser reports:

“It’s also much more immediate because you don’t have to send out a survey. The tools are really good for being able to listen hard and specifically, so in that sense it’s not a survey tool,” explains futurist Mark Pesce.

“This technology is easy to learn. It’s basically going to a website and typing in your business name, or your product name, into the search box and that’s it and you leave it there and you check it every once in a while.”

As Ashton Kutcher puts it:

I believe that Twitter is a stage for humanity and connection, not the triumph of technology. Right now the word revolution is spelled with 140 characters.


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