Toronto-Princess Margaret Hospital worker infected with swine flu

A health care worker at Princess Margaret Hospital has tested positive for swine flu in Toronto. The hospital employee is at home recovering from the virus.
Spokesperson, Gilliam Howard from Princess Margaret Hospital has said that the worker did not provide patient care. Colleagues who had direct contact with the employee are being evaluated and followed up with by the hospital.

The worker had no connect to Mexico.

Hospital employees are being advised not to come to work if they have symptoms of the virus. They are to report the symptoms to the occupational health clinic at the hospital.

The Toronto Star reports:

“Occupational health would then do a nasal swab on them,” Howard said.

“It’s taking about five days or more for the swabs to come back,” she said. “You cannot confirm this flu until you get a swab back.”

At this time the breakdown of swine flu in Canada is:

Ottawa, 1
Durham, 7
Halton, 2
Middlesex-London, 1
Oxford County, 1
Peel, 6
Simcoe, 2
Sudbury, 2
Toronto 12
Windsor-Essex, 5
York, 9
Unknown, 1

City News reports:

“It’s like the flu season,” Dr. David Williams, the province’s acting chief medical officer of health explained. “So wash your hands frequently and use alcohol rubs if you haven’t got a sink and water and soap. Clean common surfaces like doorknobs and counters and even things like TV monitor changers. Stay clear of people who are coughing or sneezing and cough or sneeze into the sleeve of your jacket or shirt. If you’re ill, stay at home and monitor the situation.”

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