Toronto Student Wins NASA Contest, First for Canada

ric Yam, a student at Toronto’s Northern Secondary School has won the grand prize in a NASA Space Settlement Competition beating out more than 300 students across the globe.

Yam is the first Canadian in the 16 years that the NASA contest has run to take home the prize. His version of a Utopia tied with a team from Orissa, India.

The design that Yam came up with resembles a cylinder and could house 10,000 people and support 300 tourist in the world 2050.

Named after the Egyptian goth Thoth, Asten’s hotel would include a panoramic outer gallery with transparent walls for watching the earth, moon and stars.

The Toronto Star reports:

“The most challenging part was to combine all the different aspects – the technology that would work in space combined with a social design, a government system and life-support systems,” Yam said yesterday.

“He basically built a Utopia from scratch,” said math and physics teacher Gillian Evans, staff advisor on the project.

Yam also competed with a team from his school at the WindEng competition at the University of Guelph in April. The ‘Whale Warriors’ placed 14th among the 40 teams with their design of a 6-blade turbine.


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