Canadian Military To Pay For Medical Marijuana For Qualified Vets

Medical marijuana is now being paid by Canada for certain military veterans who qualify. Payments will be made to veterans who are licensed by Health Canada to have the medical cannabis if it is obtained by a firm in Flin Flon, Manitoba.
The approval came down the pipe in October but it is just now being made official to qualified veterans. There are approximately eight veterans who qualify for the program in Canada.

The Canadian Press reports:

“These guys (the federal government) want to stand up for veterans’ rights,” said Bruce Webb, a Comox, B.C., veteran who successfully pressed Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson for the about-face.

“They want to help.”

Webb, one of the eight, was paying out of pocket $490 for cannabis as he attempted to survive on his disability pension.

Some have said that the marijuana produced by the plant is too weak to do much good but Webb says that his pain caused by a 1999 sports injury is controlled by the product.


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