Joshua Witter Sells I-Told-You-So Cards For Those Left Behind

According to many Christians when the second coming of Christ happens those who are non-believers will be left behind. Atheist Joshua Witter sells cards to Christians who want to send a message to their loved ones when that happens.
If the Rapture comes Joshua Witter will be busy for a few days. He has about 70 cards to deliver from those who left behind their loved ones.

The Orlando Sentinel quotes Witter:

“Anyway you look at it, I’m screwed. It’s too late for me,” said Witter, a 24-year-old computer software engineer who wears long sideburns and hip black-framed glasses.

Witter started his website Post Rapture Post as a joke in 2005. He didn’t expect to receive orders for his wares. He had sold more than 200 items, mostly to his friends and fellow atheists.

One of his best sellers is a line of I-Told-You-So cards. The cards sell for $8.
the cards are all stored on his computers ready to be delivered if the end of the world really comes.

He knows if the end does come he’ll be painfully covering the miles in boils dealing with insects, darkness and meteors to deliver the cards.

“Your hope lies with me. I am your mailman,” he vows. “I’ll do my best come Hell or high water to deliver those letters.”


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