Man with grenades breaches Serbian presidential headquarters

The headquarters of Serbian President Boris Tadic was breached today by a man carrying two grenades. Negotiations are underway to determine if it’s a hostage situation.
Security has taken one of the grenades away from the suspect. The second grenade is still with the man.

Police have surrounded the building, stopped all traffic in the area and a negotiating team has been sent to go to the building. It has been suggested that President Tadic is inside the residence.

It is speculated that the man is Dragan Maric, 57. Maric has sent various government offices emails about his plan.

According to Adnkronos the man was angry about a case that cost him millions in 2004.

Maric, a businessman lost the case against Serbian airline JAT. Since that time he has been fighting in the courts to get a reversal of the court decision. According to the email Maric is not intending on harming anyone other than himself.According to the email the man plans to blow himself up if the court does not rule in his favor in a case on Thursday.

AFP reports:

The man had “demanded in an email which he has sent to 11,000 addresses that his case should be resolved by 4:00 pm (1400 GMT). He is disappointed by a decision by a commercial tribunal,” the source told AFP.

“I demand to sign an accord on this problem with the government by 4:00 pm, otherwise the grenade will explode,” the source quoted his message as saying.

comment from Digital Journal Marko Andrejic

Maric has come to Presidency just before noon (CET). President Tadic has arrived at 2.30 PM. No hostages, no explosion. The man was taken away from the Presidency just before 5 PM (CET).


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