A Profile of Michael Rafferty, the Suspect in the Stafford Case

Michael Rafferty has been named as a suspect in the Tori Stafford murder in Ontario. He was named after a fellow suspect reportedly heard that he was dating other women. Learn more about the man in the centre of this case.
It’s known that Michael Rafferty was a ladies man. He is accused of cheating on his girlfriends, Tara McDonald, the mother of Tori Stafford, told police.

Rafferty has a son. It’s been said that as a father he wasn’t in contact with his son.

Rafferty was also a party guy. The Toronto Star reports that in Toronto, where he lived ten years ago, he was a regular at a bar on Peter Street.

In Woodstock he spent time at Good Times Charlie’s.

Although some have called the man odd, no one would have connected him to the murder of a child.

Rafferty is said to be on a suicide watch at Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre in London, Ontario.

The Calgary Herald

“From what I am told, and I don’t know if it stands true or not, but the only reason that she confessed was that she found out he had found another girlfriend out here and that was pretty much her way of getting back,” Tara McDonald said.

Const. Laurie-Anne Maitland told this Digital Journalist she “…can’t give out any other information than on the media releases”.

Good Time Charlie’s in Woodstock refused to comment about Rafferty.

“We’re not going to comment on that case.”

Rafferty has remained silent about the case. His lawyer is quoted by CBC about the Crown having separate trials.

Mattson said, “They have — or might be — negotiating a deal with the other side.”

“I mean, they [prosecutors] may be trying to avoid what in another case that is a little more famous — or was more famous — where there was a lot of criticism of the attorney general’s office. And maybe that’s why they’ve got two separate prosecutors. But that’s just speculation,” Mattson told reporters gathered outside the courthouse in Woodstock.

This Digital Journalist contacted one of the law offices assisting with the Rafferty case in Kitchener. The receptionist said that they are not commenting at all about this case.

Terri-Lynne McClintic has also just been charged with first-degree murder. She was arrested May 19 in Woodstock, Ont., and later appeared in court to face charges of abducting the eight-year-old schoolgirl, as well as assisting Rafferty, 28, to escape the area and being an accessory to murder after the fact.

Also, police continue to search for Tori Stafford’s body. OPP Det.-Insp. William Renton told media:

The investigative team is working hard and is utilizing all available resources to help locate the body of Victoria Stafford.

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