Same-sex penguin couple given egg to raise at German zoo

When the biological parents of a penguin egg at Germany’s Bremerhaven zoo wouldn’t tend to their egg zookeepers decided to give gay couple Z and Vielpunkt a shot at parenting.
The two male penguins have shown that they have that parenting instinct as they tended to the egg and have been good dads to the baby chick.

Bremerhaven zoo has three same-sex couples among their 20 penguins. They have observed the penguins attempt to mate with their partners. Zoos in Japan and New York have also observed that some of their penguins have homosexual tendencies.

This doesn’t surprise scientists that study the animal kingdom. There are plenty of documented cases of homosexuality.

Most giraffes are homosexual according to research observation. When bottlenose male dolphins are born they are often homosexual and grow to exhibit bisexual behaviours.

These findings are observed both in captivity and in the wild. It also doesn’t seem to matter if there are plenty of the opposite sex around. Actually animals don’t have many hang-ups when it comes to sex. They are fairly animistic when it comes to doing the wild monkey dance of love.

See Magazine reports:

“The whole question of sexual pleasure and where that comes into it is very difficult for zoologists to deal with,” he adds. “There is a continuum of sexual expression in the animal world that includes heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and everything in between. Why can’t we see this behaviour as a natural variation in sexual expression?”

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