Doctors Give Tips For Protesters Safety

Doctors in Iran are warning protesters on conditions from arrest and chemical weapons to stay as safe and healthy as possible. The advice is practical, simple and perhaps something that readers may need to tuck away.
These are some tips if you are planning on attending a protest that has the possibility of becoming violent.

In case you are handcuffed with plastic handcuffs flex your muslces as much as possible to make extra space inside the cuffs. Alert the authorities if you feel pain, numbness or tingling. Those are signals that long-term nerve damage may be occurring.

If you are on medication or have a medical condition make sure you have a note from your doctor on the importance of your medical needs. If it is possible carry your medication on your person so that you will have it with you. Give copies of the doctor’s note to the police, any legal representation and medical personnel.

It is possible that chemical weapons could be used during a protest. If you believe that this is a possible danger wear a waterproof outer layer of clothing with tight cuffs and collar. The most natural materials will soak up chemicals. Before attending the event cleanse with non oil-based soaps to prevent chemical weapons from sticking to your skin. Do not use any type of oil on your skin, this can include perfume, lotion, deodorant and many sunscreens.

Do not shave for at least a day in advance of the event. When you shave your pores are opened and that makes chemical weapons more effective.

Do not wear tampons as they absorb chemical weapons.

Do not wear contact lenses. Chemical weapons can in severe cases causes the lenses to melt.

If you do not have a gas mask carry a bandanna soaked in apple cider vinegar or lime juice with you in a sealed bag and carry swimming goggles.

If you are caught in a chemical attack you can blow your nose, rinse out your mouth, cough and spit. Do not rub your eyes or swallow. If you are wearing contacts take they out as soon as your fingers are clean.

Pepper spray is the most common chemical used by authorities. The pain will last for about fifteen minutes before it starts to fade away.

Tear gas is another common chemical that is used during protests. It can take up to five seconds for the chemical to take effect.

If there is an attack call out for those around you to walk and not run to avoid trampling.


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