Jeff Wyonch’s Art Hits The City Running

There’s a new writing photographer in Toronto showing the world the beauty of the city’s art in the form of graffiti. “Artist Welcome” by Jeff Wyonch shows Toronto in a can of paint.
Wyonch has been writing since he can remember breathing and taking photos of Toronto for a number of years.

His photos can be seen on his photostream at flickr under the mysterious name Jape Wisteria. I asked Jeff what his screen name meant:

“Jape is a old time word for prank and Wisteria just fit in perfectly. The wisteria is a very strong flower and artful. It has a manly quality about it. Plus I tend to be a prankster so take that as you will.”

“Artist Welcome” is now back into editing production. Wyonch promises that the next edition will be even better than the first.

For a man who doesn’t consider himself an artist Wyonch has a very artful approach to the world. He sees every space as another extension that can be put under the microscope.

After Jeff puts the finishing touches on “Welcome Artist” he is planning on publishing a book of haiku.

“I have a million ideas and in time hope to have at least one more photography book out. Even though I have written for all of my life I still consider myself new to the craft.”

During the day Jeff works as a User Interface Developer for CBC. He and the others in his department make sure that the Internet side of the CBC run smoothly.

At night and on the weekend the artist emerges. It is a safe bet this prankster’s art will be delighting Toronto and the world for a very long time.


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