Kindness Is Not A Photo Op

Celebs are often treated like teenagers in the press, the only time they make the wires is from something they have done that is wrong. Good news doesn’t bring in money. Sometimes though the good guys do good deeds that isn’t for the public display.
Actors are generally good people with creative energy flowing through their souls. They will do as much as they can do for others. Sometimes it’s visible and sometimes it is hidden away. Kindness is not a photo op.

It’s not often written about the good works of celebs. The public would rather hear about who’s doing who and who is a total goon. Those are the stories that sell papers.

Some stars like Ashton Kutcher use social networking in order to gather support for their causes. Kutcher is currently working to end hunger in the United States and using Twitter as a means to get the message across.

Others lend their names to causes to help the donations come in. Some celebs like Michael J. Fox use a condition they have to help others have hope. Michael J. Fox’s foundation is behind many medical breakthroughs for Parkinson’s Disease.

Alyssa Milano has been a huge supporter of the Twitter movement for Eric De La Cruz to get a heart transplant.

There are others though in the world of celebrity that do good works without the need for the media.

As a journalist it’s hard to be silent when the feel good story of the day falls in your lap. I made a promise though to a Hollywood agent. I promised not to reveal the man who brightened the day for a very sick little girl in Toronto. This man’s movies make my little friend laugh. As she battles serious medical issues a laugh is important. Her home for the past two months has been a Canadian hospital. Yesterday was a bad day. When I asked her mother what would make this strong and beautiful child smile she told me an actor’s name. It was an impossible dream.

I don’t believe in the word impossible.

A phone call here, a phone call there. I talked to the man’s agent and told her of a child who was sick. She told me she would talk to the man. She did. My friend talked this evening to her favorite actor.

There was a condition. No media involvement.

This story is real. No names are allowed.

A hero gave a child a giggle tonight.

Miracles do happen.

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