The drug Demerol may have caused Michael Jackson’s death

Times Online is reporting that Michael Jackson’s death could be linked to the drug Demerol. The singer had an injection of the powerful pain medication just prior to his collapse. One of the risk factors with the medication is cardiac arrest.
Reports coming out from the Jackson camp say that shortly before the singer collapsed he had an injection of the drug Demerol. A source at the scene said that Jackson’s breathing became shallow and slower until it stopped. This is a common effect when an overdose of Demerol occurs.

The drug Demerol is a narcotic closely related to opiod morphine. It’s not a commonly abused substance because it isn’t usually administered outside of the hospital setting.

Jackson had a history with the drug, quite possibly for medical reasons.

There are several side effects of the medication including lightheadedness, dizziness, sedation, nausea, vomiting, sweating, respiratory depression, circulatory depression, respiratory arrest, shock, and cardiac arrest, euphoria, dysphoria, weakness, headache, agitation, tremor, uncoordinated muscle movements, severe convulsions, transient hallucinations and disorientation, visual disturbances, dry mouth, constipation, biliary tract spasm, flushing of the face, tachycardia, bradycardia, palpitation, hypotension, urinary retention. In cases where there has been an overdosage of the drug symptoms include bluish discoloration of the skin, cold and clammy skin, coma or extreme sleepiness, limp, weak muscles, low blood pressure, slow heartbeat, troubled or slowed breathing.

Family lawyer Brian Oxman has confirmed Jackson had trouble with prescription medications he was taking in an effort to deal with his planned London shows.

Kansas reports:

“This was something which I feared and something which I warned about,” Oxman said on CNN. “I can tell you for sure that this is something I warned about. Where there is smoke there is fire.”

An autopsy is planned to be carried out Friday afternoon.

According to Michael’s brotherMarlon Jackson, Jackson was feeling ill and was visited by a doctor the evening prior to his death.

Brother Randy Jackson was with the singer when he collapsed. He was in the ambulance with his brother.

Michael Jackson dealt with several injuries that caused reoccurring pain throughout his lifetime, such as a commercial shoot during the early 1980s. On January 27, 1984 Jackson was rushed to hospital after suffering serious burns to his head and hair during a freak accident on the set.

In 1993, Jackson had an accident during rehearsals for a tour that resulted in back pain for the rest of his life.

According to friend Uri Geller, the stress of a comeback was a factor in the death of Michael Jackson. The Herald Sun quotes Geller:

“He wanted to prove to the world that he is number one, that he is still Michael Jackson, that he can still deliver a thriller,” Geller told BBC radio. “The anticipation, the stress levels, the anxiety for what was coming up in London was so huge … I believe that that stopped his heart”.

Jackson just had a physical that was required by promoters for his upcoming 50-night performance stint. Doctors gave the go-ahead for the show following the exam.


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