Modern Queen Elizabeth Twitters With the World

Queen Elizabeth II is now on Twitter. Anyone now can follow the Queen of England to keep up to date on the royal family.
While Her Royal Highness may be using the social networking site, don’t expect to see Tweets about her personal opinions at @TheBritishMonarchy on Twitter.
The queen has used the Internet to connect the royal family and the public since launching a Web site in 1997 for Buckingham Palace. The queen also has her own channel on YouTube.
BBC reports that a spokeswoman for the Queen said that the royal family will not be doing the Tweet updates themselves.

“The intention,” she explained, “is that it is a news service rather than a personal voice.”

Recent Tweets from the Queen’s page include the Prince of Wales presenting the The Queen’s Gallantry Medal to Sgt. Billy Owen and A Garden Party guest at Buckingham Palace escapes from the torrential rain, 7 July 2009.


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