BNO News covers breaking news via Twitter

BNO News is a news source that targets breaking and developing stories world-wide. Using the Twitter phenomenon this group of journalists and news hounds are bringing breaking news to the masses with amazing speed.
BNO News is a popular Twitter resource for journalists. They have a knack of getting the newest information much sooner than many other sources on the Internet. By following their twitter feed, journalists have the beginnings of breaking news stories to be on the look out for, often hours before press releases have been distributed to news agencies.
Many people are flocking to BNO’s Twitter feed; at last count, it enjoys 905,399 followers. CNN’s Breaking News feed is still more popular, at 2.4 million followers.
BNO can thank Osama bin Ladin for jumpstarting their service. In September 2007 founder Michael van Poppel got an unpublished videotape of bin Laden which he sold to Reuters. He realized he was sitting on a gold mine and started structuring a breaking news service using his Twitter account. Within months, BNO was providing 24/7 news updates.
Using a very efficient system to process breaking news, Van Popple and his staff are able to get the freshest news, sometimes within minutes of the event.
In 2009 Van Popple founded with more than 16,500 members. Michael van Poppel, from the Netherlands is just 20 years old.
BNO News’s editors are journalists from the Netherlands, Mexico and the United States.
Theeditors get the news they send out in Tweets from news wires like AP, Reuters, AFP and other reputable sources. They also do their own research.
By not waiting for official confirmation, they pass on the information allowing journalists and news hounds to do further investigations on their own. While this method can be a risk, BNO News is often the first source of breaking news for journalists.
While Van Poppel did not study journalism, his staff have.
At this time BNO is not making any money providing their source. The company does plan on using advertising in the future though in order to support the site.

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