Food Science Exhibit comes to the Ontario Science Centre

Attention Toronto foodies, the Ontario Science Centre is bringing top chefs in during this summer’s weekends to show off the science that lurks in your kitchen.
The weekend program will be featuring local produce as the chefs prepare recipes and centre researchers discuss the scientific processes involved when it comes to creating culinary masterpieces in your kitchen. Dietitians will also be on hand to explain the importance of nutritional elements of the recipes, highlighting how they work in your body.
The Food Science –Unearthed schedule is as follows:
-Aug. 15 & 16 Claudio Aprile, Executive Chef and owner, Colborne Lane.
-Aug. 22 & 23 Bob Blumer, Author and host of the TV series Surreal Gourmet and Glutton for Punishment.
Other features of the summer programs include a takeoff of the popular Family Feud game show, Family Food Game Show where teams work together to answer science questions while competing for prizes.
There will be Edible Wildlife Nature Walks to teach visitors how to ID which plants are safe to eat and which ones to stem away from because of toxic values. Killer Food teach participants about foods that contain toxins and how to identify them as to stay healthy in the kitchen. Finally No Food to Waste is an exhibit that teaches about composting, fermentation and bio-digestion.
While the chefs will only be on site during weekends the other aspects of the programs run everyday during the summer.
For more information please visit us at the web page for the Ontario Science Centre.

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