Gibson, world’s tallest dog, dies in California

Gibson, who gained fame as the world’s tallest dog has died in California. Gibson, a certified therapy dog dedicated his life to giving comfort and happiness to everyone along his path.
Gibson was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. After the diagnosis his owner and Gibson startted a campaign to spread the awareness of canine cancer, Three Paws for the Cause. One of Gibson’s front legs had to be removed because of the cancer. Last week the cancer spread to Gibson’s lungs and spine. Gibson’s sad owner had to make the hard decision to put his beloved friend down. Gibson was seven years old. NBC Bay Area reports:

“Last week Gibson began having trouble using his back legs,” said Dr. Peter Walsh, Gibson’s veterinarian, in a prepared statement. “X-rays showed that the cancer had spread to his spine and his lungs. Ms. Hall made the very difficult decision based on her concern and love for Gibson to have him humanely euthanized. Gibson died peacefully in the loving arms of Ms. Hall.”

Gibson was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest dog. He was 42.2 inches tall, and when standing on his hind legs is over 7 foot tall. Gibson appeared on the Larry King Live show and worked in the entertainment field. Gibson also released a book, “Gibson Speaks.” His owner Sandy Hall admits that Gibson had help with writing the book of Gibson’s feats. Zoo Too reports:

“Gibson was destined to be, and still is, he’s a certified therapy dog,” Gibson’s owner, Sandy Hall, told Pet Pulse. “He does wheelchair assistance and he does special needs work. But he did nothing but train and go into practical applications for the first two and a half years of his life. “We started off with little nursing homes and our hospital here is only two floors. We live in a small community.”

His memorial site is online.

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