The compressed-air powered AIRPod is car for green living

The designers of the AIRPod took into consideration large cities and the environment when putting their cars on the drawing board. What came from those considerations is a car that is perfect for the city dweller and leaves zero pollution in its wake.

Using the Swiss company MDI’s engine designs and adapting the technologies to enable an oxygen powered engine to fuel a car. AIRPod is able to do the impossible — use compressed air to power a car. For those who are focused on preserving the environment AIRPod is a dream for consumers. The AIRPod was on display this winter at the International Geneva Motor Show 2009. During the 10-day event the MDI stand saw almost 700,000 visitors. Some of those that hit the stand had checkbooks in hand ready to be one of the first to own an AIRPod or at the very least to rent one. According to those who worked the event’s stand on average 200 people wanted their own AIRPod daily. AIRPod is a revolutionary vehicle that takes green living to the streets. The Swiss-made car uses compressed air instead of gasoline for fuel. The concept car left the production line in Spring 2009.

The car uses a joystick for steering. A fill-up only costs a single euro per 200 km. On busy city streets the AIRPod breezes in and out of tight parking spaces enabling the driver a wider range of parking spots. The sharp design is an added plus for trendy city drivers. The compact AIRPod car can seat three adults and one child and still provide room for luggage. Dedicated to both the private and public consumer the AIRPod delivers a sound investment. The AIRPod Baby is a two-seater with a luggage area of more than 500 liters. The Baby was designed with the city driver’s needs with enough flexibility to be able to be used for deliveries, municipal services, roads and small logistics.

// <![CDATA[// // <![CDATA[// Need more room? The AIRPod Cargo was designed for those that need cargo space. The cargo area can hold up to a meter cube making it easy to shuttle deliveries around town. The AIRPod has even made it into children’s storybooks. “From the Air for the Planet” written by Mr. Jean-Marie Defossez raises awareness about environmental protection for the next generation. The book tells the adventures the characters face while they look for pollution free vehicles to get around in. Published by Flammarion the book can be found on the Internet. While the AIRPod is still hard to get soon air-powered cars will be pulling into a parking spot close to you.

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