Think Magazine launches August 10

Think Magazine launched Monday. Editor Jacqueline Carlisle wanted to her magazine to launch paperless and yet still have the look of a print magazine, not an easy task for an online product.

The focus of Think is sustainable living in a light, friendly atmosphere. Editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlisle has spent months behind the scenes getting her magazine just the right look prior to Monday’s launch. Carlisle, a beautiful Brit living in Toronto, has put her love of the sustainable world into a very eco-friendly design. Without the use of paper she has been able to give the same quality that one would expect from a high quality production. The magazine uses flash to carry readers through beautifully presented articles. Toronto’s Mychol Scully has used his expertise in coding to do this. The first issue features articles on clothing designer Ada Zanditon, designer Andrew Haarsager and a new breed of eco-friendly cars which was also published today at Digital Journal.

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