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Zinc pill can stop childhood diarrhea deaths

One pill can save a child in Africa suffering from diarrhea. The hand of death takes 1.6 million children under the age of 5 world-wide from the ravages of the bowel condition according to the World Health Organization.
In Africa and Asia millions die each year from the affects of diarrhea. That seems a high figure to those in those in the West. More children die from the disease than from malaria or AIDS. That could end if children are given a single Zinc pill. It appears the medication stops diarrhea in its tracks. That appears to be the findings in many studies, including one done in New Delhi, India. With charity support some villages are seeing a turn around because of the pills. Bill and Melinda Gate’s charity work along with the Idol Gives Back program are just two that are helping supply village medical clinics with zinc pills. Time reports:

“Before, we were terrified when children’s stomachs began running, because we knew some of them would die,” says Sata Djialla in the Malian village of Morola. “Now our children are not dying of diarrhea.”

The reason the pill works is because many in undeveloped nations have zinc deficiencies. Zinc deficiency lowers the immune system making children and adults more susceptible to infections that cause diarrhea. Zinc has also been shown to increase the activation of T cells that destroy viruses and bacteria. With this new awareness it is possible that childhood deaths may decrease in the near future.

Think Magazine launches August 10

Think Magazine launched Monday. Editor Jacqueline Carlisle wanted to her magazine to launch paperless and yet still have the look of a print magazine, not an easy task for an online product.

The focus of Think is sustainable living in a light, friendly atmosphere. Editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlisle has spent months behind the scenes getting her magazine just the right look prior to Monday’s launch. Carlisle, a beautiful Brit living in Toronto, has put her love of the sustainable world into a very eco-friendly design. Without the use of paper she has been able to give the same quality that one would expect from a high quality production. The magazine uses flash to carry readers through beautifully presented articles. Toronto’s Mychol Scully has used his expertise in coding to do this. The first issue features articles on clothing designer Ada Zanditon, designer Andrew Haarsager and a new breed of eco-friendly cars which was also published today at Digital Journal.

The compressed-air powered AIRPod is car for green living

The designers of the AIRPod took into consideration large cities and the environment when putting their cars on the drawing board. What came from those considerations is a car that is perfect for the city dweller and leaves zero pollution in its wake.

Using the Swiss company MDI’s engine designs and adapting the technologies to enable an oxygen powered engine to fuel a car. AIRPod is able to do the impossible — use compressed air to power a car. For those who are focused on preserving the environment AIRPod is a dream for consumers. The AIRPod was on display this winter at the International Geneva Motor Show 2009. During the 10-day event the MDI stand saw almost 700,000 visitors. Some of those that hit the stand had checkbooks in hand ready to be one of the first to own an AIRPod or at the very least to rent one. According to those who worked the event’s stand on average 200 people wanted their own AIRPod daily. AIRPod is a revolutionary vehicle that takes green living to the streets. The Swiss-made car uses compressed air instead of gasoline for fuel. The concept car left the production line in Spring 2009.

The car uses a joystick for steering. A fill-up only costs a single euro per 200 km. On busy city streets the AIRPod breezes in and out of tight parking spaces enabling the driver a wider range of parking spots. The sharp design is an added plus for trendy city drivers. The compact AIRPod car can seat three adults and one child and still provide room for luggage. Dedicated to both the private and public consumer the AIRPod delivers a sound investment. The AIRPod Baby is a two-seater with a luggage area of more than 500 liters. The Baby was designed with the city driver’s needs with enough flexibility to be able to be used for deliveries, municipal services, roads and small logistics.

// <![CDATA[// // <![CDATA[// Need more room? The AIRPod Cargo was designed for those that need cargo space. The cargo area can hold up to a meter cube making it easy to shuttle deliveries around town. The AIRPod has even made it into children’s storybooks. “From the Air for the Planet” written by Mr. Jean-Marie Defossez raises awareness about environmental protection for the next generation. The book tells the adventures the characters face while they look for pollution free vehicles to get around in. Published by Flammarion the book can be found on the Internet. While the AIRPod is still hard to get soon air-powered cars will be pulling into a parking spot close to you.

Canada needs sperm donors

Thousands of Canadians who are infertile in Canada have to place all their hopes on just 33 men who are Canadian sperm donors. Other donors are imported from outside of the nation, a result of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act.

At one time Canada had two dozen sperm banks but when the Assisted Human Reproduction Act made it illegal to pay for sperm or egg donors they dried up in 2004. Today there are very few men willing to give up their sperm for nothing. CTV reports:

“Today, there is one South Asian donor for all of Canada,” he says, noting that couples are often shocked at the limited choices. “There is a significant shortage of donor semen in this country, yes.”

While it seems like being a donor is as easy as a sit-com plot in reality there is a screening process that takes time. Egg donors have to inject themselves with fertility medications and then suffer through a painful procedure to extract eggs. For men the process is simpler, a cup and perhaps a couple of Hustler magazines, but it’s no guarantee that the sperm can be used. For every 100 donor candidates only 5 have buggers that swim the right way. For couples wanting to be parents that’s not good news. Outreach Health Services is the biggest supplier of donor sperm but it has to import their product. Most of the donors are from Georgia and Florida where donors are paid $100 per visit. Clients can look through donor listings to select that special sperm, as long as they don’t mind it being foreign brewed. The clinics have little choice with the heavy rules applying to home breed donors. CTV reports:

“The legislation said donors could only be compensated for expenses that could be receipted. There was a grace period where people could be compensated for non-receipted period and we’ve been in that grace period ever since,” Dr. Cliff Librach of the CReATe Fertility Centre in Toronto told, explaining how they’ve managed to keep the Canadian donors they have.

Actor Jaime Foxx on his big break, Ray, collabing with Kanye

Young Eric Marlon Bishop grew up in a tiny Texas town where the side of the railroad tracks told if you were black or white. He now tours the world, a highly paid entertainer in both film and music. Jaime Foxx has come a long way.

Jaime Foxx was in Toronto today to help with the launch of the first LG Life’s Good Film Fest. He talked to the media about his humble beginnings and his views on his career in the entertainment world. Foxx was born in Terrell, Texas, population 12,000. He was raised by his grandparents who wanted their grandson to succeed in the world. His grandmother knew the way to go about that was through music. Foxx began training on classical piano at the age of 5. Those ivory keys opened doors for the young man, first by seeing how the ‘other half’ lived as he performed for the country club crowd and later by providing his education. Foxx went to the United States International University on a full music scholarship in San Diego.

San Diego is just a stone’s throw from the bright lights in Los Angeles. While still in school Foxx started to perform stand-up comedy. The young comic used his skill on the piano as a stepping stone delighting his audiences and getting better gigs. Then came his big break — sketch-comedy show In Living Color hired him in 1991.

Foxx’s role of Wanda, a sex loving transvestite was a hit. That role Foxx announced on Tuesday will make it to the big screen in 2010 along with Martin Lawrence playing his “Sheneneh Jenkins” will begin filming in January. The working title is “Sheneneh and Wanda Rob a MotherF@@king Bank.” Foxx and Lawrence made their test demo for producers unscripted. That test pitch was a hit. An interesting fact about his time at In Living Color also deals with the Wanda character. Foxx had just started his gig there when he meet Teddy Rogers. Still in the Wanda get up he ran up to Rogers to give him a music demo. Foxx laughed remembering that Rogers told him he was “feeling very uncomfortable with this right now.”

One of Foxx’s most rewarding roles was playing Ray Charles in the film Ray, which earned him an Academy Award. It was a film that almost wasn’t able to be made. Lacking the funding until Philip Anschutz came on board fronting the entire $35 million needed the film had been held back. Once the funding was in place the movie went full throttle. Foxx recalled meeting Charles for the first time. The real Ray Charles wanted to play the blues with him on the piano. Foxx held his own until striking a wrong note. After some advice from the master Foxx kept up. “Mr. Charles told me a story about life: ‘The notes are right under your fingers, life is harmony.’ I got it right there!” Foxx was very happy that Charles was able to see the film prior to his death. Of course Foxx was also happy to let the Toronto crowd know that his first film was shot in Toronto, the cult classic (Foxx’s words) “Booty Call.” He said that he fell in love with the warmth of the people and the city during that time in 1992. While the LG event did not allow for media questions Foxx held the crowd’s attention while he talked about his past and his true love, music.

“I was born to do music. Seeing people do my songs is just amazing.” Foxx is currently on tour in North America promoting his latest album Intuition. Foxx enjoyed going to Puff Daddy’s parties. When he asked Puff how much it cost him to throw a party the rapper said, “$2 million.” Foxx told him he was going to throw just as cool a party but for only $400. With a studio in his house Foxx kept his word. At one of those parties a talented rapper showed up. Foxx told the guy he had to sing because everyone did at his parties. Foxx was amazed. He and that rapper, Kanye West, went to the back and started working in the studio. The song “Slow Jamz” is a result of that party. The real reason though that Foxx was at the press gathering was the first LG’s Life’s Good Film Fest launch. He is proud to be part of the launch. “People who do film inspire our culture. I have been lucky to work with some of the greatest film makers in our history. This is a great project. No matter who you are you can get your film out. I am happy and excited to do this film festival. It will give people a chance to live their dreams.”

LG Life’s Good FilmFest Launches in Toronto

On August 11 LG Electronics announced the first LG Life’s Good FilmFest, a Canadian film festival offering up $130,000 in prize money for short films. With no entry fee, this film festival will allow all talent to show their stuff.

“There’s really no other film festival like the LG Life’s Good FilmFest. The concept is simple: an engaging HD short film festival with no entry fee and the chance to win incredible cash prizes. We’re absolutely thrilled that Jaime Foxx could join us to help launch the festival, as his amazing work in film, comedy and music really exemplifies the spirit and talent the FilmFest will no doubt attract,” Tim Barnes said to a media gathering to announce the film festival. Tim Barnes, marketing director for LG Electronics Canada told a media gathering about the short film festival. Using old school snail mail, participants can send in their films in hopes of winning the $100,000 grand prize within one of four categories: Animation, Fashion and Music, Sports and Narrative. The other top three films will each win $10,000 in prize money.

Viewers can watch the short films that have been submitted on the LG’s Life’s Good YouTube channel or at the LG Film Fest site. During the holiday season shoppers will be able to take a five-minute break in stores while viewing some of the best short films from the Film Festival. “We will be giving customers a chance to smile.” stated Barnes. The films will all be presented in HD format, giving the best views for the film makers. Deadline for entering this year’s FilmFest is October 16. The winner will be announced in January 2010. Some people that attended questioned Foxx as the celebrity launching the festival because he is not Canadian. Still Foxx does bring a vast array of talent to the table.

Connor Cruise To Star in ‘Red Dawn’ Remake

Connor Cruise, son of actor Tom Cruise, is joining the cast of Red Dawn. The movie is a remake of the 1984 cult classic.
Connor will be tackling the role of Daryl, the mayor’s son. Also signed onto the project are Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas, Edwin Hodge, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki. The movie will begin shooting in Detroit this December. The release date has been set for September, 10, 2010. Connor Cruise started acting last year, debuting in “Seven Pounds” as Will Smith’s character son. Red Dawn, the original was rated the most violent movie ever made in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records according to the Guardian. The film centers around the players of an American high school football team that escape when their town is taken over by a Soviet invasion. They become known as the Wolverines, the team’s name. The 1984 film helped jump start the careers of Charlie Sheen and Patrick Swayze who played brothers in the film.