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Opinion: Greg Gutfeld Issues Apology To Canada

In the wake of this weekend’s airing of Fox New’s Red Eye television show insulting the Canadian military host Greg Gutfeld issues an apology.
Canada was not happy with a recent airing of [i]Red Eye[/i] The show averages 285,000 viewers for it’s 3 a.m. time slot. Citizens and public figures let it be known that insulting the Canadian military is not acceptable. The day prior to the airing four soldiers had lost their lives in Afghanistan. Last month in Ottawa President Barack Obama praised Canada for making Afghanistan its largest foreign aid recipient.

The Canadian Press reports:

“However, I realize that my words may have been misunderstood,” Gutfeld said in a statement released by Fox News.

“It was not my intent to disrespect the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military, and for that I apologize.

“Red Eye is a satirical take on the news, in which all topics are addressed in a lighthearted, humorous and ridiculous manner.”

One of those who was livid at the airing was Defense Minister Peter MacKay. He took a few minutes this morning to talk to the media about his anger before leaving Ottawa for Canadian Forces Base Trenton. He will be attending the homecoming ceremony for four soldiers that lost their lives on Friday in Afghanistan.

The Canadian Press reports:

“These are despicable, hurtful and ignorant comments,” said Dan Dugas, a spokesman for MacKay.

“I think that so-called comedian should stare in the camera at his first opportunity and apologize to all of the families of people he’s hurt with these despicable comments.

“And he’s got to say, ‘I was misinformed. I was ignorant of the truth and the contribution of the Canadian Forces to the war on terror, and I want to take it back. I know as a comedian that I can fail sometimes; I failed miserably at this so-called comedy.’

“And his panelists should say the same.”

Joe Warmington, a columnist for the Toronto Sun shared the anger that many other Canadians have from the broadcast.

Will Fox see today that nothing will stand in the way of Canada’s kind of pride? Will they own up to their nonsense and run pictures of the hearses on Highway of Heroes today and of all of the Canadian flags on the bridges or down at the Last Turn at the Ontario Coroner’s office?

Rick Mercer is another who was not impressed by the Fox show. Mercer’s inbox was filled by fans about the airing The Globe and Mail reports.

“If you’re going to do satire, three of the most important rules are you have to tell the truth, you can’t be a bully and don’t be an asshole,” said Mr. Mercer, who hosts his own show on CBC. “Being a bully is not satire.”

Columnist David Frum is another not pleased with the clip according to CBC.

“The clip in question is a sequence of goofs about the feebleness, uselessness and absurdity of the Canadian armed forces. Why would I call that dumb? Here’s why,” Frum wrote on his New blog last week, before listing the Canadian soldiers, aid workers and a diplomat who have been killed in Afghanistan since 2002.

“Sorry I disrespected your show, Red Eye fans, but you disrespected the dead,” Frum added

Canadians are often the butt of jokes and will laugh along with them. It’s funny to hear the stereotypes that have come from down under the border. The outrage over this airing has noting to do with having a sense of humour. It has to do with disrespect of a proud people who are fighting and dying for freedom.

While some have said that Canadians should ‘suck it up’ there is no humour in the deaths of military personnel. There is a line that not even ‘Midol’ can ease.