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Couple Caught Having Sex On The Queen’s Front Lawn

There are some people who enjoy having sex in public places but most couples draw the line on doing the act on someone else’s front lawn. Not so for a couple in the UK who got down to business at Windsor Castle on Thursday.
The lusty couple bypassed Please Keep Off The Grass signs and got to action in full view of everyone, even had they been around the Queen’s Corgis.

The Guardian quoted witness Mark Robinson who watched the free sex show until the police came onto the scene.

“The officers told them to stop and the sight of the uniforms seemed to snap them out of it. They were unsteady on their feet and the guy pulled his trousers up and helped the girl put hers back on.

“The Japanese tourists were comparing their videos.”

The man finally pulled up his pants when the police arrived on the scene. He then did the gentlemanly thing and helped his lady friend with hers.

According to Monsters and Critics a source said:

“The queen was in residence at the time, but her private apartments are at the other end so she would have been blissfully unaware of it.

“But she was not particularly amused when, some years ago, a couple were caught bonking in a tree in her back garden ? Windsor Great Park.”

The couple was arrested and cautioned for outraging public decency. The couple is said to have been drinking.

Joy Taylor, 35, and Phil Carden, 30, are said to now be fearing the axe when their employers hear about their sexy romp.

Opinion: Facebook Users Set To Send The Pope A Condom Shipment

When Pope Benedict told Africans not to use condoms he started a fury with people across the globe. Thousands have pledged to send the head of the Catholic church millions of condoms.
Last week the Pope told reporters that distributing condoms increases HIV. Those were fighting words.

CNN reports that the Pope wants to uphold the teaching of the church that every sperm is sacred.

The world though seems to think it’s laughable that a man who’s pledged to go without sex has the right to tell the world how to conduct themselves when it comes to hanky-panky.

Facebook groups have sprung up to give the Pope a rubbery piece of their mind.

One of the groups; 27 March –> Let’s send a Condom to Pope Ratzinger! papa preservativo is in Italian but the meaning is quite clear. On March 27 the members were to send the Pope a special gift to:

Prefettura della Casa Pontificia
00120 Città del Vaticano

Condoms for Pope Benedict XVI is another of the groups. This group has a Condom Day for Pope Bene! event planned at a bed near you from Friday, March 27 until Sunday, March 29. It’s touted as the cocktail party where they’re all unwrapped!

The groups are joining in the protest like some world leaders that were shocked by the pope’s words.

“When any influential person, be it a religious or political leader, makes a false scientific statement that could be devastating to the health of millions of people, they should retract or correct the public record,” The Lancet said in an editorial.

“Anything less from Pope Benedict would be an immense disservice to the public and health advocates, including many thousands of Catholics, who work tirelessly to try and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS worldwide.”

The Pope may have the old world values going but in the face of a virus that doesn’t ask first if the next occupant is headed for Heaven a condom is the one protector that can work for everyone.

FDA Approves the Next-Gen Female Condom

The FDA has just approved the next-gen female condom. This is a dream come true for public health advocates who have touted that the birth control is a way to protect women from the HIV virus.
Soon women whose partners refuse to use a condom can reach into their bags for an affordable ‘rubber’ of their own. The female condom has been on the market for 16 years but the cost has always been much higher than a male condom. It still is at $2.80 to $4 a piece. With the FDA approval for a next-gen female condom that price may change to just about 60 cents.

PR Newswire reports:

“We join women around the world in applauding the FDA’s swift action to approve the FC2 female condom,” stated Serra Sippel, executive director of the Center for Health and Gender Equity. “The HIV pandemic among women requires increased investment in woman-centered prevention options, and FC2 approval is an important step forward in putting the power of prevention in women’s hands.”

The next-gen condom is made out of synthetic nitrile, a product much less expensive for Chicago-based Female Health Company to produce.

Scientific America reports:

“Having a less expensive Female Condom increases the probability of women who need it having access to it,” Mary Ann Leeper, the company’s senior strategic adviser, told Reuters after the FDA approved the FC2 on Wednesday.

The female condom works much like a male condom. Covering the cervix, it open with a ring that protects the outside of the vagina. It is about 6.5 inches long. The newer version will look the same but be made with the less expensive rubber.

So far the United Nations has distributed the original version to 142 countries. Some women have said that the condom is ugly and that it makes squeaking sounds. In the product information pamphlet it is recommended that women use the product three times before making a final decision on it. Because the outer ring is visible partners know that the birth control is being used.

The female condom has potential in saving lives. It gives women the power to protect themselves from the HIV virus and birth control. It is the only birth control that is made for women that blocks the virus from the body.

Prevention Now reports:

“Female condoms are a vital tool for prevention, women’s empowerment and communication between
partners, and in Zimbabwe, we greatly welcome this decision by the U.S. FDA,” said Edinah Masiyiwa,
executive director of Women’s Action Group (WAG) – Zimbabwe. “Women and men alike benefit
from the female condom, with regard to their health, happiness and pleasure.”

It may take up to a year for the next-gen condom to be on the market. Advocates are pushing for the United States government to react quickly though to ensure rapid expansion for female condom distribution and education.

“We praise Congress for including specific references to female condoms, as both male and female condoms are safe and effective HIV prevention tools that are available to women and men today. We now look to the next leader of the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator to ensure that female condoms are truly available, accessible and well-programmed for women and men worldwide,” said Serra Sippel.

For more information on the fight against AIDS sign up at Prevention Now. Net.

Criminally insane inmate wants OHIP to pay for sex change

An inmate is demanding that Canada pays for a sex change. The criminally insane man is in the penal system for sexual assault.

This week an inmate, Shauna Taylor, appeared in court requesting that an orchidectomy to surgically remove the testes be conducted.

Formerly known as Vance Egglestone before a legal name-change started hormone therapy in 2000 to transition into a female. Taylor has already undergone hormone therapy, nose surgery and permanent hair removal.

During the court proceedings three guards from Oakridge division of the Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre were on hand to guard Taylor.

As a man the inmate was found not guilty of rape by reason of a mental disorder. Taylor went to an institution for treatment.

In 1985 Taylor plead guilty for another sexual assault shortly after release from the mental hospital.

Taylor blames criminal behaviour of the past on gender identity disorder.

Given the dates that the hormone therapy started Taylor was in the prison system. It’s a given that OHIP has already been paying for those treatments. The next stage of treatment will cost $15,000. There is debate in the court about who should pay for an assessment to see if Taylor even would qualify for the operation being as she is considered criminally insane.

An assessment is required for surgical removal of sex organs under OHIP. That assessment is a rigorous testing to determine whether or not surgical intervention is necessary for Taylor’s health and welfare.

Taylor believes that the surgery would further her treatment.

The Toronto Sun reports:

“I was a female trapped inside a male’s body,” she said. “I started acting out in ways that I thought a male was supposed to act … my head was in a spin back then.”

Opinion: Don’t worry, ladies, you get hotter after 40

Are you about to hit 40 ladies? If you are don’t feel down in the dumps. You’re about to come into the age of fantastic sex. That’s what Health Plus magazine says at least.

The Daily Mail decided to ask around and see if that claim was the reality with 40-somethings.

Molly Parkin agrees with the article. She looks back to that time and remembers it fondly as a period of unbridled freedom. By the time a woman hits 40 she has been there, done that and knows what works.

Marcelle D’Argy sees sex at 40 is like suddenly seeing the light. She also thinks that sex at 50 is hot.

According to Dr Louise Foxcroft women in their 40’s are more likely to have multiple orgasms. That in itself is a blessing!

As for me, I fall in line with the above women. Sex when you’re old enough to revel in it is hot. Being able to have the stones to demand being taken ‘care of’ is empowering. There are hormonal changes of course that promote sex being more enjoyable but the truth is by 40 a woman is ready to lay back (or stand up if that’s what they enjoy) and go at it. We know that doing those Kegel exercises have a wonderful benefit. We know where we enjoy being touched. Basically we know.

Now medical people will list off the hormonal reasons that sex is hotter than a rocket during this time.

As the Daily Mail reports the scientific reasons that Peter Bowen-Simpkins, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians and medical director of the London Women’s Clinic gives:

‘Physically, it is the hormones that have the most impact, and one reason women in their 40s may feel more sexually driven is due to increased testosterone levels.
Testosterone is traditionally thought of as a male hormone, but all women produce it from puberty.

‘It has a number of different effects, including boosting sexual desire. However, it is a very powerful hormone, so women produce the sex hormone-binding globulin
(SHBG), which mops up much of the testosterone to help keep its effects in check.

‘Levels of SHBG are dictated by oestrogen, and as women approach menopause, their oestrogen levels fall. The knock-on effect of this would be an increase in testosterone – which could lead to increased desire.’

Ladies know that the truth is older women are just simply hot.

See kiddies, there really is something great to look forward to. Sex.

And yes that smile on my face is real.

Opinion: Give Me A Steak and I Can Still Have Great Bed Gymnastics

Are you worried that the only way you can have fantastic sex is if you give up your hamburgers? Don’t be. Just because PETA is telling all their vegetarian friends that they are the blue ribbon winners in bed it’s not necessarily true.

Now we have to give the veggie bunch a nod at generally being fit but that isn’t the whole picture when it comes to gym time under the sheets. Just because a tape on the love of broccoli is hot doesn’t mean that the real stuff gets the same lovin as the green stuff.

Of course PETA has to make the adult claim that meat makes people “fat, sick, and boring in bed,” claiming that vegetarians are, “on average, fitter and slimmer than meat eaters” and that meat and dairy consumption is linked to impotence, heart disease, and obesity. Well yeah, it’s true some meat eaters are a bit porkier than others. Some meat eaters though are fine tuned muscle machines.

Now those lovely folks ala PETA may not ingest any meat but they also may be lacking in zinc. Now zinc helps bring up the levels of testosterone. If you don’t have the right testosterone level you tend to not really care a fig if you’re a mustang in bed. Vegetarian ladies can also be more prone to amenorrhea, vaginal dryness and a poor libido. Just because most vegetarians are slim doesn’t mean they really want sex anymore than anyone else. Or any less for that matter.

With that kind of news I think I will stick to my nice juicy steak and a lovely baked tater.

Surprise, Surprise Science Nerds In University Have Less Sex Than Art Students

Chances are that nerd in college is a virgin but the hot looking female art student is enjoying sex. There’s a chance that fathers of art school daughters aren’t going to be happy with a new study out.

A study published in the journal Sexual Health on the sexual habits of 16 to 25 year olds showed that males in the study were less likely than females to be having sex.

Stephen Carroll, a Sydney-based psychotherapist says that cultural factors played a role in the results of the study.

Carrol found that boys started having sex later than the girls in university science programs. This could stem from the fact more international students come to Australia to study science. Their devotion and work ethic may keep them in the lab instead of at parties. Science students also tend to be male.

As Carroll says in a Telegraph article:

“And who are the people at unis that go to the rave parties and the bar?

“It’s not the nerdy boy science students.

“They’re carrying on doing their experiments, going to the library or doing their assignments.”

Carroll may have the stats for his study but science students may beg to differ with his results.

Dr Chris Ganora, who studied science for three years, denied the subject put an end to all romantic pursuits.

“Although we may have been a little nerdier than the other students, let’s just say the gender ratio wasn’t as bad as engineering,” he said.

The study also may have a flaw in it. More female students (78 percent) agreed to take the survey.