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Dinner At the Oakland Testicle Festival Is A Real Ball

It’s time once again for the Oakland, California annual Testicle Festival. On Monday those in town can belly up to 400 pounds of bull balls as the Rotary Club dishes out a $50 sit down meal for charity.
The proceeds for the “mountain oysters” will help out the Oakland Cowboy Museum. Last year the dinner raised $28,000.

Young male bovines are routinely castrated into steers on cattle ranches. It makes the animals more docile and thus much easier to handle than bull headed males.

The event is in it’s 28th year of gonad glory.

The Modesto Bee reports that the family jewels are a tasty treat.

Christie Camarillo, executive director of the Oakdale Cowboy Museum, swears they’re delicious.

“They kind of taste like chicken. I say it’s between fried calamari and chicken liver,” she said. “I’ve had them fixed all different ways, but you can’t beat how the Rotarians do it.”

Some North Koreans Getting A Slice Of Life

North Koreans are getting a taste of Italy for the first time as a pizza parlour is opened in Pyongyang. It may seem a bit off though as the nation has struggled to feed the masses even regular fare.
North Korean leader Kim Jong is said to be a gourmet who loves Western food. When he discovered that the chefs in Pyongyang couldn’t produce a decent tasting pizza he sent a delegation of local chefs to Italy to learn how to make it the right way last year.

In the late 1990’s he had tried to get pizza made right by bringing a team of Italian chefs to North Korea to instruct his army officers on how to put out a decent pizza. The pies were only offered to a few elite members of the nation though.

This time around high-quality Italian wheat, flour, butter and cheese are coming to the pizza parlour straight from Italy.

Reports the Telegraph:

“Our people should be also allowed to enjoy the world-famous food,” the manager of the Pyongyang eatery quoted Kim as saying, according to the Tokyo-based Choson Sinbo newspaper.

This may seem like progress but for a nation that have 24 million people struggling to be feed it seems like a slap in the face to many.

Most people in North Korea make by with very little. The average income was a mere $1,150 in 2007 making it one of the world’s poorest nations.

A famine during the mid 1990’s is said to have resulted in as many as 2 million deaths. North Korea’s elite though don’t deal with that struggle, they feast on French wine and delicacies such as shark fin soup and caviar.

David Duverger Puts Himself Up For Auction On eBay For Charity

If you live in England there’s a chance you could have your Christmas feast prepared by David Duverger, head chef of Papillion. Of course you have to outbid everyone else on E-Bay.

The world renown chef is hoping to make a nice little donation for Children with Leukaemia. The starting bid is set at £800 on eBay.

The winner and seven guest will dine fat on the hog. French chicken, truffles and buche de noel are all on the menu. The four-course lunch will be served promptly at 1pm no matter what size of kitchen you have.

The Telegraph quotes the young chef as to why he put himself up for auction.

“Seven years ago, I lost my three-year-old nephew to cancer.

“Hopefully, I can offer the highest bidder and their guests the best Christmas dinner of their lives.

“It will certainly be a bit different from the roast turkey and cranberries they are probably used to.

“I imagine I will be cooking for around four hours and they are welcome to watch, so it could be as much of a cookery class as a meal.

“And if people want to spend more time with their family than usual on Christmas Day rather than slaving away in the kitchen, they can just let me get on with it for them.”

If the winner lives over 100 miles from London David hopes they will put him up in hotel on Christmas Eve.

The auction began on Sunday and will end in ten days.

Canadian Chinese Supermarket Chain Pulls Two Yogurt Drink Brands From The Shelves

Canadian Chinese supermarket chain T&T Foods is pulling yogurt drinks off of the shelves in B.C., Alberta and Ontario. The two yogurt drink brands are Mengniu and Yila.

The supermarket chain is pulling the drinks out of concern for it’s customers even though there haven’t been any illnesses in Canada. The two brands are part of the recall in China.

T&T Supermarket is based in Vancouver with 16 locations across the country including Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. reports quotes Stephen Pang, a spokesman with the supermarket in Toronto:

“We wanted to play it safely to protect the consumer,” said Stephen Pang, a spokesman for the supermarket in Toronto. “I think we did the right thing.”

Belgian Citizens Warned Not To Eat Local Grown Produce After Nuclear Leak

A safety alert has been made for those living in the south of Belgium to not eat locally grown produce. A leak for a nuclear research institute is behind the warning.

The safety alert was issued after a leak of radioactive iodine gas happened in the city of Fleurus.

Residents have been warned not to eat locally grown fruit, vegetables or dairy products.

The Belgian nuclear control agency has said that this is a serious leak. The leak took place earlier in the week.

On Tuesday The Institut des Radioelements laboratory stopped production. The government has been criticised for not being more forward coming on the dangers on the weak. The leak was represented as not a risk to those in the area or the environment. That idea changed when grass samples shower higher than expected contamination.

The institute produces radioisotopes for the treatment of cancer and medical imaging.

Trayless Dining A Hit On College Campuses

College costs are hitting campus cafeterias. Many universities are doing away with the all you can eat buffet trays to save money and reduce water waste.

By getting rid of the trays universities don’t have the added cost of washing them. That is not only a money saver but 30,000 gallons of water is not used in each month. Those trays helped students load up more produce. Without them students have to be able to carry their entrees in their hands. It’s proven to have reduced food waste.

The food services company Aramark serves over 25 higher education cafeterias in the United States. They found by eliminating the trays more than 186,000 meals were not wasted last year.

At the University of Maine 56 pounds less per person was served last year after their trays were removed.

The trayless dining movement started last year. Students are embracing the greener way to dine at colleges around the country.

More than a third of the 600 campuses that Sodexo food serves operates in including University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Georgia Tech, and Tulane in New Orleans have gone trayless.

Trayless dining is also helping students have a better diet.

Still going trayless is bound to have an accident or two. When a Sodexo executive wanted to prove that he could carry a main course, salad and coffee up a flight of stairs at Georgia Tech he wound up wearing his meal.

“Our executive was trying it for the first time,” Monica Zimmer, spokeswoman for food services giant Sodexo explained.

“He didn’t have quite as much practice as the students, and anyway, students are very good at balancing.”

Going trayless though is a great idea all around. Less food loss, less water wasted and healthier diets. Score one for a company trying to save a few bucks.

It’s Time For The First Lady Bake Off

Family circle knows what makes America tick. It’s the cookie and who makes the yummiest one rules the roost. For the past four elections Family Circle has held a cookie cook off between the ladies who will rule the White House.

Chocolate has been the winning theme for the past four elections but this time around the Obama and McCain camps wanted to shake things up.

Michelle Obama went with the classic shortbread cookie adding a little kick with some almond liqueur Amaretto.

She gave credit to Mama Kaye who serves as the godmother to her girls, Sasha and Malia.

Cindy McCain who already has had to deal with a bit of recipe plagiarism for a passion fruit mousse from Food Network aimed to please with her take on the oatmeal butterscotch cookie.

They are “an absolute must whenever the whole family gets together,” says the multi-millionaire heiress to a large beer distribution firm, married to Republican presidential hopeful John McCain

As it stands right now McCain is in the lead. Readers can vote their favorite cookie up at the magazine’s website. The results will run right before the election in the mid-October.

Had Hillary Clinton remained in the race her two time winning cookie may have tipped the scale. She has a chocolate chip cookie that is to die for. Bill though put in his recipe for oatmeal cookies that showcases the talent of long time cook, Oscar Flores.