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The Man Who Hugs, Juan Mann, To Give Stranger A Kidney

Juan Mann started the Free Hugs campaign is donating one of his own kidneys to a complete stranger a Yahoo report stated Sunday.

Mann, 26, of Sydney, Australia plans on having the surgery next year to donate a kidney to a stranger.

Mann, which is not his real man, faces both physical and psychiatric testing in hospital before he will be allowed to undergo the donation. The process will be filned and broadcast at a later date online.

Mann is quoted on Yahoo as to his reasoning for such a bold statement;

“I will never meet the (recipient); I will never know if the transplant is a success or a failure; I will never know if my kidney kills the person,” Mann said.

“Apparently once you give your kidney you will never feel whole.

“(But) I’ll get a cool scar and apparently chicks dig scars.”

This is one man who walks the walk of his personal values.