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Opinion: How Fair Is It That Fritzl Will Live An Easy Life In Prison?

Josef Fritzl is going to jail for a term that could be as short as 14 years. The prison that he’ll be staying at is a 5 star hotel compared to the dungeon his daughter Elisabeth and their children were forced to live in.
Fritzl will be housed in a 12 metre-square cell with en-suite shower at secure mental unit at Mittersteig jail, Vienna. He will have his own television and computer. If he gets lonely he can get a pet.

Every day he will be allowed to go to the garden to exercise. For eight hours a day he’ll be able to leave his cell to socialize with the other inmates reading newspapers or visiting the music centre. There is a common sitting room, kitchen and tea-making area that all inmates are free to enjoy from 9 am until 6 pm each day.

Fritzl will be able to take classes at the learning centre. He could learn arts and crafts or take language classes.

The Telegraph reports:

Fritzl’s lawyer, Rudolf Mayer, said: “He doesn’t mind where he goes. It’s not like it’s a hotel but he would like a prison close to home because it may be that relatives will go to see him.”

Mittersteig is considered a ’boutique’ prison. There are only 90 inmates, two thirds of which are sex offenders.

Fritzl locked his daughter up for 28 years in a basement dungeon. During that time he raped her at least 3,000 times. He beat her. He starved her and the children she bore. He threatened to kill her and the children if they attempted to escape.

Elisabeth and the children were sent to a psychiatric hospital after they were released from their dungeon almost a year ago. It is taking time for the family to readjust to a life of sunlight and freedom. They are slowly learning. They now have new identities and a new home. The doors are always open and sunlight brightens the rooms.

They are damaged. Their father, their mother’s rapist, took the chance of a normal life away from them. The youngest, Felix has a chance according to doctors to make a full recovery.

The children that were allowed to leave the dungeon and live upstairs with their father had a relatively normal childhood. They are having a difficult time bonding with their dungeon siblings.

Within 14 years if Fritzl responds to his psychiatric treatments he’ll be allowed to leave the penal system.

Shouldn’t he have to serve at least as long as the daughter who was innocent?