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Patent Wanted-Killer Chip Could Stop Person Dead In Their Tracks

An application for a patent was submitted in 2007 in Germany for a “Killer Chip” that could in effect kill a person implanted with it anywhere in the world instantly. The submission was published 18 months later into a patents database.
The device’s inventor is based in Jeddah. According to the patent documentation the device would emit radio waves that are picked up by satellites and could be injected into fugitives from justice, terrorists, illegal immigrants, criminals, political opponents, defectors, domestic help, and Saudi Arabians who don’t return home from pilgrimages for tracking. Those who are a security risk would have poison released into their blood stream killing them quickly in a more involved model that includes a cyanide capsule.

World Net Daily reports:

“I apply for these reasons and for reasons of state security and the security of citizens,” the statement reads.

The inventor of the ‘killer chip’ applied for the German patent using a Munich law firm. Germany allows for foreigners to apply for patents if they have a local representative. DTS Munich, the law firm involved in this patent resigned from the case last week.

Estate Vaults reports:

“While the application is still pending further paperwork on his part, the invention will probably be found to violate paragraph two of the German Patent Law – which does not allow inventions that transgress public order or good morals,” spokeswoman Stephanie Krüger told The Local from Munich.

German Message Board Chat In Tim Kretschmer Case Faked

It has been revealed that a chatroom conversation with Tim Kretschmer has some serious doubts as to being real. This leaves investigators with no motive of the German tragedy.
According to Times Online the moderator of says that the message was a faked image file posted three hours after the time that Kretschmer committed suicide.

“I even know who posted it, and he’s from Dusseldorf. That’s not even near Baden-Wuerttemberg.”

The posts on the site are easily traced by the moderator. In this case the “fake” message was timestamped at 2:45 AM and carried the ID code 485465.

A translation from German to English of the lead post at the tiny site reads as follows:

Unfortunately our tiny server with the momentary attack does not become finished. There is not to see however also nothing at all, there the German press regrettably (probably not for the first time) of a falsification be been deceptive could. Here no Amoklauf was announced, it gives here only people, which can deal with Photoshop. Is apparent investigate nowadays uncool. Badly enough to copy with Wikipedia but here? More basicgood-naturedly. Which one wants by the way to have found on the PC of the author, we do not know. Perhaps it visited the Site times, did not write that by the press contribution gone it anyhow, because never existed to that. (Here is screen SHOT of the rather unspektakulären original, that to absolutely nothing with Amokläufen to do has.) As also is, we is off-lines, until the Traffic normalized itself. Who does not believe us yet, times cache can to look, and the post office ID compare in googles.

Interpol is investigating the matter. Earlier today a Bavarian youth is said to have chatted online with the teen accused of being the gunman of yesterday’s Germany’s high school attack.

Sky News printed some of the alleged text that came from a father of a teenager in Bavaria:

“I’ve had enough,” Kretschmer apparently wrote.

“Everybody’s laughing at me. No one sees my potential. I’m serious. I have weapons and I will go to my former school in the morning and have a proper barbecue

“Maybe I’ll get away. Listen out. You will hear of me tomorrow. Remember the place’s name: Winnenden.”

The text may be genuine. If they are a forgery then investigators are back to square one in finding a motive for the shootings.