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Murder Ends The Game

One young woman is dead, one young woman sits in jail, another sits at home with the baby she had as a teenager. There is one man that connects the dots. The unemployed young man is said to be a player. He indeed played with the hearts of the three women.
Early Wednesday morning Sarah Rose Ludemann, 18, was stabbed in the heart. She died in a pool of blood on a Pinellas Park, Florida street less than a half-mile from her mother and home. Two services will be held Saturday, from noon until 3 p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m. The funeral home is at 5750 49th Street N.

Saturday morning Rachel Marie Wade, 19, sits in county jail under a $500,000 bond. She faces charges of second-degree murder in the death of Sarah Rose Ludemann. Rachel has a criminal past. She was arrested in 2005 for battery as a juvenile and arrested for shoplifting in 2006 and 2007. It is possible that the charge against her will be upgraded to first-degree murder.

Another woman in this story goes without a name. She dated Joshua Camacho, 19 first. She had his baby.

Joshua Camacho is the connecting dot in this story. He dated three women. Two timed at least two of them.

Rachel started texting Sarah all day. The two were rivals for the affections of Joshua. They had been fighting over the young man for over a year along with the mother of his baby.

The feud started in the parking lot of a Taco Bell where one of the girls worked. Silly String was sprayed, punches thrown, car mirrors broken. It followed to cyberspace. Threats issues. Promises made.

On Tuesday night the feud ended. Sarah heard that Rachel was hanging out with friends near by. She drove her green minivan to confront the woman with two others. Rachel is said to have been allegedly waiting for her with a kitchen knife.

The knife was plunged into Sarah’s chest.

Tampa reports:

“She was out with friends. Coming home. I was waiting up for her, just after midnight, when the phone rang,” Gay Ludemann said Friday. Ludemann was so close to the crime scene, she got there while paramedics were trying to save her daughter.

“She never got to hear me say, ‘I love you, Sarah,’ ” Ludemann said, sniffling. “I kept saying it, but she never heard.”

The time line of this story played out on MySpace and with police reports starting February 21, 2008.

Police Report (2/21/08)
Eight month pregnant Erin waited for Sarah and Joshua outside movie theater. He yelled at Erin. Erin pushed Joshua.

MySpace-Rachel (6/17/08)
When we first met I was madly in love and it lasted for years but since then things have changed. … You called me names, you slept around. … I deserve so much better!

Police Report (7/2/08)

Sarah drives Erin to confront Joshua abut sleeping with the two girls at the same time. Erin’s infant is in the backseat. Joshua punches Sarah in the face.

Police Report (7/31/08)

Rachel reports that Sarah and friends are following her. Reports that Sarah shot Silly String at her car.

Sarah says Rachel’s friend bumped her car so they chased them.

Police Report (8/31/08)

Sarah says that Rachel called her 20 times in a two hour period harrassing her about dating Joshua.

Rachel says that Sarah sent her threatening e-mails.

Joshua admits dating both girls at the same time.

MySpace-Rachel (9/12/08)

I’m an independent chick! Yeah, I got a man. But I’m not one of those spoiled little girls who … expects the world from her man! … So yall hoes can just stop hatin …

Then silence until earlier this past week.

Rachel’s last MySpace login: 4/13/09

Mood:Loving my boo ๐Ÿ™‚

Sarah’s last MySpace login: 4/14/09

Mood: iloveyoubaby

Police Report (4/15/09)

Homicide. Suspect in fatal stabbing arrested.

There is no more fighting. Death ends the game.

Polk County Jail Inmates Charged $2 per Night

If you do the crime in Polk County Florida you better be ready to pay for your time staying at the county jail. Starting on Wednesday inmates are being charged for their cells.
The $2 fee per night is estimated to bring in between $300,000 and $500,000 a year for the prison. That money will go towards offsetting the costs of food, clothing and laundry.

When the prisoners enter the jail an account is set up. The fees will be deducted
from that account or they will have a negative balance.

No one will be denied medical care of hygiene products. In fact the fees may reduce canteen sales.

The store funds help provide rehabilitation programs, exercise equipment and television sets paid for through the inmate commissary fund.

Several other Florida prisons have set fees for daily cell ‘rental.’

Polk inmates cost tax payers about $52 a day. The new program goes along with current programs in place. Inmates are charged a $30 booking fee and $9 for a hygiene kit and underwear. Those that can pay are also charged for their medical care and work programs.

With the average stay in the jail at 34 days the cost is about $100 for the mandatory fees. That’s about the same price as one night in a local motel.

Sheriff Grady Judd has some good advice for those who are complaining about the fees the Lakeland Ledger reports.

“There are always going to be some of them who whine and complain. My answer to them is stay out of county jail,” he said. “Behave your-self, quit violating the law and you don’t have to come to jail.”

Woman Shoots Husband After He Threatened Family

A Winter Haven, Florida woman shot her husband Tuesday morning in self-defense. He was taken to hospital after being shot several times by his wife.
Dawn Christoff, 35, allegedly shot her husband after he loaded a gun and threatened to kill his family. Police found evidence that the man was planning on shooting several family members that resided at the residence.

Before Dawn Christoff bravely fired upon her husband he loaded his weapon. As he put each bullet into the chamber he told those present who the bullet was meant for. After the gun was loaded he aimed it at his wife. He never had the chance to fire as Mrs. Christoff was also armed and defended herself.

Mrs. Christoff was not charged by the police for the shooting.

The Lakeland Ledger reports:

โ€œPrior to the shooting he armed himself with a handgun and began to load the weapon, stating which member of his family each bullet was intended for,โ€ said statement from police.

Troy Christoff was charged with five counts of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm. Christoff was released from Lakeland Regional Hospital under police custody. He has been booked into Polk County Jail without bond.

Troy Christoff has been arrested four times prior for battery, disorderly intoxication, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis, driving under the influence and violation of parole.

Florida Seeking Death Penalty in Casey Anthony Case

Florida is seeking the death penalty in the case of Casey Anthony for the murder of her young daughter Caylee Marie. The trial is set to begin this fall.
The notice for the death penalty was filed Monday afternoon. The filing states that “sufficient aggravating circumstances exist to justify the imposition of the Death Penalty.”

Marti Mackenzie, spokeswoman for Anthony’s defense lawyer, just told the Orlando Sentinel: “This is not a death penalty case. We will do whatever is necessary to defend Casey Anthony from the state trying to take her life. We already have death qualified defense lawyers on our team and are prepared for a vigorous defense.”

It’s a risky move, in Florida juries rarely convict when a woman is on trial with the death penalty as the sentence.

Only two women have been executed in Florida, Judias Goodyear Buenoano and Aileen C. Wuornos. There is only one woman who sits on death row in the state, Tiffany Cole. She was convicted of the double murder of a Jacksonville couple.

5 Dead In Florida Boat Accident

Five people are dead and seven more were injured today after a boat in Florida slammed into a docked tug boat near Saint Augustine Sunday evening.
The accident occurred about 7 p.m. on the Intracoastal Waterway in St. Johns County about 20 miles northwest of St. Augustine.

Three of those injured on the pleasure boat were airlifted to hospital. All seven have been taken to area hospitals.

there were twelve people aboard the pleasure boat when it crashed into the tug.

The dock where the accident took place was under construction. Planking had to be laid by rescuers before they could get to the injured people on the boat.

It is not believed that anyone was on the tugboat at the time of the accident. The tug boat is registered to F&A Enterprises in St. Augustine.

Fewer Subs- Polk County Florida Looking To Cut School Costs

Polk County students in Florida may see some important people in their classrooms instead of the regular substitute teacher.
In an effort to save money school officials are thinking about using district employees who are not educators instead of coughing up $80 for a sub.

This plan would save the school board about $50,000 of the budget if each of the 620 employees who are qualified to teach fill in one day out of the year.

Principals are also being given the option to spilt up classes and move students elsewhere when a teacher is ill.

Each school has their own substitute budget. The size of the budget depends on the number of students registered there.

There isn’t a shortage of people wanting to be substitute teachers. Since last July the county has had 2,252 applications. Once the county has a list of 1,250 substitute teachers they stop hiring each year. To be a substitute teacher in Polk County one has to be 18 years old and have at least 30 hours of college credit.

If the new plan of using available employees as resource teachers passes there will be a smaller substitute teacher hiring this coming year.

Florida sues company over their Michael Vick chew toy

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum today filed a lawsuit against the company that makes the Caylee Sunshine Doll and the Michael Vick Chew Toy. It is being alleged that the company misrepresented where proceeds of the profits would be going.
Florida is suing toy seller Jaime Salcedo and his Jacksonville, Florida, company, Showbiz Promotions LLC. The case deals with a dog chew toy depicting Michael Vick and dolls that were modeled after Caylee Anthony.

The company falsely claimed charities would benefit when the products were brought. Attorney General Bill McCollum filed the lawsuit saying the company misled consumers that proceeds from the dog toys would go to animal shelters and that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children would be getting donations from the proceeds for the Caylee dolls.

It has been revealed that the charity was only given a token $10 for the sell of the dolls.

Legal News Online reports:

“This effort is outrageous and attempts to exploit the tragic murder of a child for personal benefit,” said Ernie Allen, the organization’s president and CEO. “NCMEC does not and will not ever be associated with any attempt to commercialize or raise money in connection with the victimization of any child.”

Caylee Anthony was found murdered late last year. Her mother has been charged with her death.

Michael Vick was sentenced in 2007 for 23 months in federal prisons for his role in dog fighting and animal cruelty.


“Any company that intentionally misleads innocent consumers to believe they are contributing to worthy charitable causes is absolutely reprehensible,” McCollum said in a news release. “It is disgusting that a company would exploit a tragic situation for personal gain.”

The investigation began last year after receiving 200 complaints about the dog chew toys.

McCollum’s lawsuit is asking for the judge to ban the sale of the doll and to fine the company $10,000 for each violation of the state’s law against deceptive and unfair trade.

Florida woman thought she was the anti-Christ, murders son

A woman in Florida shot her son and then herself on Sunday at Shoot Straight shooting range in Casselberry. She left behind recorded messages saying that she was the anti-Christ and that she needed to save her son.
Security cameras caught the moment the woman took aim behind her son, Mitchell at point blank range. She then shot herself in the mouth.

Marie Moore, 44, left a suicide message:โ€œI had to send my son to Heaven and myself to Hell.โ€

Moore died at hospital.

The Sun reports that Moore left a recorded message.

She said: โ€œGodโ€™s turned me into the Anti-Christ. Iโ€™m a good person, but the Devil and God turned me into the worst person in the world.โ€

Moore left the recordings for her boyfriend and the authorities.

are saying despite the recordings that they do not have a motive for the murders.

“We have no clue. I don’t even want to begin to speculate,” said Deputy Chief Bill McNeil of the Casselberry Police Department.

The security video clearly shows Moore behind her son as he aims at a target unaware. The next still shows the young man falling to the ground as another patron is alerting others.

The gun used to kill the man was rented at the shooting range.

Charles Moore, father of Mitchell, told the police that in 2002 Marie Moore was in a mental hospital under the Baker Act. In the recordings left for the police by Moore, she referred to that time but stated she was not sick. Two of the notes were signed “Failed Queen.” Late Monday family found three suicide notes and audio tapes. They gave them to the police.

Moore said on one of the tapes that she wanted to ‘save’ her son and do it in a public way so that the world could be saved. “Hopefully when I die, there will 1,000 years of peace.”

She also stated that she could not tell her boyfriend because he would have had her committed to the hospital and would have been unable to ‘save’ Mitch.

Charles Moore said that Moore had a history of mental illness. She had been barred from the same shooting range when she attempted to commit suicide there seven years ago according to Mr. Moore.

That differs from what the manager at Shoot Straight is saying. He said that the Moore’s were not regular clients of the range. All clients fill out a form of questions, including whether they have ever been convicted of a felony or been declared mentally unstable. That information though is not verified though.

Just News

Anderson defended the range’s policies, saying: “If someone acts right, we have to assume they are right.”

Based on the writings and audio recordings that he’s seen in the media, Anderson said, it’s clear that Marie Moore was “bent on doing it.”

“Sometimes, like what happens Sunday, you have no control,” Anderson said. “There’s nothing you can do to prevent it.”

That information is online for $24 though. Ranges are not required to run the background checks on their clients. Mental health histories are not online because of patient privacy laws.

Lakeland, Florida Middle School Student Tasered

A student at a Florida school was Tasered and arrested on a charge of battery on a law officer. The thirteen-year-old girl physically resisted the school’s resource officer’s attempts to take her to the school office.
The Southwest Middle School student was shot with a Taser by the school official Lori Edwards in an effort to control the girl.

The Lakeland Ledger reports:

โ€œ(Young) is not a normal sized 13 year old child,โ€ Edwards wrote in a report. โ€œShe is 5โ€™4 weighing 185 pounds and very strong.โ€

The Lakeland, Florida youth has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer.

The Lakeland Police Department says that Edwards followed department policy in the manner she handled the incident.