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White House not happy with school lunch ads starring Obama girls

There were 14 ad banners at Washington D.C.’s Union Station on August 4 that the White House wanted to disappear. A young girl is featured asking, “President Obama’s daughters get healthy school lunches. Why don’t I?”
The White House may want the ads gone but they are within the right of free speech. While the administration has said that using the daughters of President Obama infringes on their private life, the ads only ask a legitimate question. ABC Blogs reports:

“We’ve been very clear I think from even before the administration started that their two girls would have a very private life, and we want to protect that private life and their privacy,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said this morning when asked about the PCRM posters. “And we hope that others will be respectful, as many in the media have been, about not using the girls as a publicity stunt.”

No one though is speaking on behalf of the eight-year-old Jasmine Messiah of Miami-Dade who is featured in the ad asking a very real question of the government. Why do some children reap the benefits that all children deserve? The ads are from the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) who are lobbying for healthy lunch programs within the nation’s school systems. CBS Blogs reports:

“The contrast is not with the daughters,” Dr. Neal Barnard says of the controversial poster, pointing out that Sasha and Malia’s names and pictures are not in the ad. “The contrast is with the school the president’s daughters are able to patronize. Sidwell Friends is able to offer health nutritious meal options.” Veggie burgers are offered alongside hamburgers, vegetarian chili is served next to meat chili with higher cholesterol, he says. “Go a mile away to any school in the district” and what options are there to a bologna-and-cheese sandwich? he asks. “What’s left? Nothing. Nothing at all.”

Little Jasmine brings her own lunch to school by the way in order to have fruits and vegetables. MSNBC quotes the young girl:

“Sometimes I bring in broccoli and carrots and my friends are like, ‘Ewww, this is disgusting,’ ” she told The Miami Herald. “But I think if they tried it more, they’d like it.”

Jasmine is wise. The United States is dealing with a nation of children that have unhealthy diets. At this point one in three will deal at some point in their lives with diabetes. Changing the diets of children in the school could lead to a healthier nation. The campaign by PCRM points out the fact that the average school is pushed to serve high-fat, high-cholesterol foods. This is in spite of the knowledge that a low fat, vegetarian diet helps prevent obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The federal child nutrition legislation does not have provisions in place to support vegetarian meals in schools. News 8 reports that the ads will remain in place at Union Station until August 31.

Opinion: Let’s All Get A Kenyan Birth Certificate

Do you have a Kenyan birth certificate? It’s not hard to get one with the Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator. All it takes is a few minutes to fill out the details and you can be Kenyan or make a Birther’s version of President Obama’s birth document.
This past weekend ‘Birther’ Orly Taitz said she had the real birth certificate of President Obama showing Kenya as the nation he was born in. It was a forgery. The real document that she was using was for David Jeffrey Bomford who was born in April 1959 in Australia. Salon reports:

“That is ridiculous. Little old person in Adelaide, the President of the United States. I don’t know whether to laugh about it or not, be worried about it,” Bomford said. “It is interesting, someone from here being involved in a conspiracy — that is so funny …. It’s definitely a copy of my certificate. It’s so laughable it’s ridiculous.”

There is plenty of software on the Internet to produce fake documents. Of course Taitz is not admitting to committing the crime of fraud when it comes to the fake documents that she paraded over the Internet early this week. President Obama’s birth certificate has been public since June 2008. That hasn’t stopped the Birthers from looking into any dark corner to find something that will prove their claims. Each claim gets wilder. Obama is a closet Muslim. Obama is Kenyan. Obama runs with scissors. One day we may even hear a rumor that Obama plays with dolls. Perhaps we should all make our own Kenyan birth certificates and be part of the Birthers’ 15 minutes of fame.

Slamming To The Word White House Style

For the first time ever slam poetry was in the House. The White House, that is. On Tuesday night the First Family hosted the poetry event for 100 people.

Last year Obama promised while on the campaign trail that he would bring poets and musicians into the White House to “open up the White House and remind people this it is the people’s house.”

He has already made good that promise with concerts by Fergie, Stevie Wonder, Sweet Honey in the Rock and Earth Wind & Fire since taking office. Tuesday night though was the first Poetry Slam, a form of poetry that takes the word and brings it out with energy as the verses are performed.

Tonight’s event features James Earl Jones; poet Mayda Del Valle, novelist Michael Chabon, jazz musicians ELEW and Esperanza Spalding and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, not the average mix for the urban poetry form.

NBC New York reports:

“It’s an incredible honor any time to receive an invitation from the White House and President Obama,” said Arizona Rep. Krysten Sinema, who is among the 100 people invited to attend the event. “But to see our nation’s talent and be a part of history at the first-ever White House Poetry Slam is amazing. I’m very excited to be a part of this moment.”

Obama May Have Just Started The Pizza Wars

President Barack Obama loves Chris Sommers’s way of making a pizza pie. So much so that the man was flown to the White House this week to whip a few pizzas up for the First Family. The news isn’t making those in Chicago that happy.
Sommers is from St. Louis. When President Obama was campaigning last year in his town he happened upon Pi’s Pizza in the Delmar Loop where the pies are made and loved them.

This week Sommers boarded a plane with 20 pounds of dough and three gallons of pizza sauce to cook his specialty at the White House kitchen. Sommers was serving up his pie to 140 guests Friday night.

The Sun quotes Sommers:

Chris was due to cook lunch at the White House yesterday, reported He said: “It’s surreal. It’s a huge honour.”

He made have made folks outside of Chicago happy but those in the windy city aren’t really sure about this ‘foreign policy.’ As Politico quotes Marc Malnati, owner of 30 Lou Malnati’s Pizzerias across the Chicago area.

“I like his economic policy — I think he’s going to get us out of trouble. I like his foreign policy — he’s making friends around the world. His pizza policy is going to have to change.”

Malia and Sasha Can Hang Out With First Dog On Tuesday

On Tuesday the First Dog will take his first steps into the White House and on the White House lawn. The Kennedy family will be presenting the doggy to the Obama family. Total photo op moments will ensue.
The Portuguese Water Dog is coming from his breeder after the first owners gave him back. For political purposes though Senator Ted Kennedy’s family will be handing over the-6 month-old pup formerly known as Charlie.

Believe it or not there is a ton of red tape over this little pup. The kennel is ‘re-homing’ the puppy to the Obama’s. But, and this is a huge but that’s just not kosher with the rules and regulations so the Kennedy’s will be giving the pup over. The pup is actually in the same linage as three of the Kennedy family pets.

The Obama’s had said they wanted to rescue a dog from a shelter not a kennel.

The US announces CIA secret prisons to be closed

Agency employees were sent an e-mail today telling them that the CIA is no longer in the secret prison business and that there are plans underway to permanently shutter them. the e-mail was sent by CIA Director Leon Panetta.
CIA Director Leon Panetta has told Congress no new prisoners have been taken in since he took the reins of the agency in February. Panetta also informed Congress that the CIA has stopped all contracts with private companies that were used for security at secret overseas CIA prisons. Those contracts were costing up to $4 million a year.

BBC reports:

“CIA no longer operates detention facilities or black sites,” Mr Panetta said in a letter to staff. Remaining sites would be decommissioned, he said.

President Obama had vowed during his campaign to shut down the secret prisons that former President Bush’s administration had allowed the CIA to operate. During his first week in office, Obama ordered the closure of black sites and the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. President Obama has also ordered a review of the detention and interrogation policies on terror suspects.

BBC reports that there is a true change in the new White House administration on terms of detainees.

In his letter, Mr Panetta also stressed that the CIA no longer employed controversial “harsh interrogation techniques”, like “waterboarding”, or simulated drowning, which have been widely condemned.

“CIA officers do not tolerate, and will continue to promptly report, any inappropriate behaviour or allegations of abuse,” he said.

That said the CIA has the right to hold prisoners temporarily according to Panetta is they are taken. Those detainees would be only interrogated though by agency employees before being returned to their home country or the county that has a legal claim in a quick manner.

In 2005 it was revealed that the United States was running secret CIA prisons overseas. That revelation prompted world-wide outrage tainting the image of President George Bush.

Kal Penn Leaves ‘House’ for the White House

When Kal Penn left the show House on Monday night it wasn’t because he had been fired. Penn is on his way to another House to work, the White House.
During the Obama Campaign the actor volunteered. He and the President got along so well he was offered a job with the administration. Penn whose real name is Kalpen Modi, will serve as a liaison connecting the Obama administration with arts and entertainment groups.Kal Penn will officially be the associate director in the White House office of public liaison.

His new job will allow him to be an outreach to the American public and with different groups. He will be helping remove the red tape for the general public and the White House.

His new office is in the executive building.

Penn has been interested in politics for quite some time. While he loves acting he is also a huge fan of those political science classes. He studied international studies at Stanford in 2006.

He was given the blessing of the producers, David Shore and Katie Jacobs to pursue this new phase in his life.

Entertainment Weekly quotes the actor’s explanation for leaving the hit television show.

I was incredibly honored a couple of months ago to get the opportunity to go work in the White House. I got to know the President and some of the staff during the campaign and had expressed interest in working there, so I’m going to be the associate director in the White House office of public liaison. They do outreach with the American public and with different organizations. They’re basically the front door of the White House. They take out all of the red tape that falls between the general public and the White House. It’s similar to what I was doing on the campaign.

Obama’s half brother hospitalized over Cholera concerns

The half brother of President Barack Obama has been hospitalized from stomach pains. He is currently undergoing tests to see if he has cholera.
Malik Obama, 51, was taken to Siaya District Hospital in western Kenya on Tuesday. He should be discharged with Thursday or Friday.

There has been a cholera outbreak in the area. One of Obama’s staff, Daniel Namai, was in hospital last week because of the disease. The results of the cholera test can take up to 18 hours.

Mr. Obama is a businessman in Kenya. He was in Washington D.C. as part of his family’s delegation when President Obama was sworn in.

Obama also served as part of his brother’s wedding party.

The president has five half-brothers and a half-sister that are citizens of Kenya.

Obama surprises daughters with White House swing set

The landscape has changed a little at the White House today. When Malia and Sasha Obama came home from school a surprise swing set was waiting for them.
The new swing set sits right outside the Oval Office allowing the President to watch his children at play while he is working. It includes a a tire swing, a slide, a fort, a climbing wall and climbing ropes.

The Obama’s had set to work earlier Wednesday while their daughters were in school for the afternoon surprise. The swing set is an attempt by the parents to make the White House more inviting for their children.

Michelle Obama spokeswoman, Katie McCormick Lelyveld told Fox News that the girls were happy with their parent’s gift.

“They ran right for it. They were really, really excited. All four of them,” McCormick Lelyveld said.

The girls played on the set for almost an hour in chilly weather, she said.

The swing set was manufactured by Rainbow Play Systems based in Brookings, South Dakota company using American Redwood and Cedar lumber.

It’s Party time Again At the White House

There’s drinking at the White House again as President Obama has brought back the cocktail party that was missing during the Bush Era.

President Bush did not serve alcohol at the White House because of his religious beliefs. That is changing as the Obama Era begins.

On January 28 Obama sent out invites to Congressional leaders for drinks at the Red, Blue and Green Rooms of the White House.

Obama has been compared to the Kennedy and Roosevelt administrations. I doubt that those comparisons had anything to do with what was in the liquor cabinet but both of the former presidents enjoyed socializing.

Slate reports on Roosevelt’s martini times in the Oval Office.

“He mixed the ingredients,” recalled author Robert Sherwood, “with the deliberation of an alchemist but with what appeared to be a certain lack of precision since he carried on a steady conversation while doing it.”

Kennedy wasn’t a big drinker but there were many cocktail parties in the White House during his time there. What was most important during these get-togethers was the business that was completed because of the more relaxed atmosphere.

“Every party had at least a few senators or cabinet officials and a few big-time press people. It was all off the record and a lot of business got done,” Fred Harris, a former Democratic senator from Oklahoma, recounted to me. “The war on poverty and federal aid to education and civil rights, we hadn’t had yet the urban riots and the war in Vietnam was no bigger than a man’s hand. There were new and exciting programs and new and exciting people.”

Richard Nixon though shows how drinking at the White House may not be the best idea. Having some of the press over for cocktails when a president is overindulging is never a wise move.

As for Obama the Wednesday night cocktail party is just the beginning. Tonight he is hosting some Democrats and Republicans over to enjoy the Superbowl. There is no word as to who is on and who is not on the list.

Let’s hope it’s tamer than Congress.