Jack Layton Is For P2P Networks

Just as Canadians don’t relish the idea of two-tiered health care, they don’t favour a two-tiered Internet. That is the claim of NDP leader Jack Layton.

With many ISPs leaning towards monitoring and regulating usage and bandwidth of their customers P2P networking is a hot topic this election year.

The ISPs say that monitoring and giving tiers will bring a better online experience. It will also pad their coffers, so whose online experience will improve.

Tom’s Hardware quotes Jack Layton:

“There’s the politics behind the net, for example. We’ve got these big corporations that are moving in to threaten net neutrality

Now I think this is very, very dangerous and we have put the whole issue of net neutrality right into the heart of our campaign platform and I’d urge you to visit ndp.ca to see what we’re saying about it.”


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